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Included below are details regarding each specific photo session.  If you have additional questions or ideas, please contact me.



Session will be 2-3 hours to allow for feedings and keeping a relaxing environment for both baby and family.  The best time to take newborn photos is 4-10 days old.  Please contact me weeks before your dure date so we can schedule tentatively.  I have many props for both girls and boys, but if there's a special keepsake, blanket, etc. that you want your baby photographed with, feel free to bring it.  I pose the baby mainly in diaper or in his "birthday suit"!  

This is such a magical time in life so please bring siblings along for a few special shots with their new baby sisiter or brother.  Mom and dad should dress comfortably,  a long-sleeved black top is best.



Session will be 1-2 hours with unlimited wardrobe changes.  Session will take place in either my home studio, your home or on location.  I recommed you plan your maternity session for the end of your second or beginning of your third trimester.  You want to clearly have a "belly", but still feel comfortable enough to enjoy your photo session.

Bring several changes of clothes.  Cute jeans, even if you can't buttom them up look great in photos.  A tight sweater dress, a button down white or black shirt, your favorite maternity outfit are all great choices.  Get plenty of rest the night before and plan for hair and makeup the same way you would for any occasion where a camera is involved!



Session will be 1 hour on location.  The focus will be on your entire family as a group as well as each child individually and together.  I also have a lot of fun getting mom and dad together as after kids, those photos get fewer and fewer!  Carfully choose outfits for each member of the family.  Color coordination is best while avoiding distracting patterns and neon like colors.  Think about the time of year...for example, in the Fall, dark jewel colors like navy, eggplant, and hunter greens look beautiful with the changing leaves.  This session include a group up to 4 people, each additional person is $10